Update 1.2.25


  • container with objects
  • container with visual improvements (player icon, alliance icon, drones appearance, security guard appearance, graffiti for base)
  • in the alliance settings the player’s time since the last game entry
  • chat messages about the past battle of alliances
  • you can create messages to the administrator of the alliance that are attached from above in the chat
  • possibility to paint graffiti on the base
  • a daily store where you can buy blueprints or visual objects for Battle Points
  • you can get Battle Points only by completing tasks or secretly passing the base, if the VIP then for the successful passage of the base
  • new model of the security guard
  • quick buttons when attacking, 2 upper player’s inventory cells are output buttons


  • camera’s setting up in the teleport zone
  • setting the guard’s route to the teleport zone
  • the room on one of the bases is changed, because it was impossible to set several objects at initial levels
  • Displaying the player’s health after using the first aid kit
  • Displaying of a destructor if it is in inventory
  • description displaying in inventory when attacking
  • other minor fixes


  • player’s search filter
  • account recovery
  • The interface displaying on tablets with a 4×3 aspect ratio
  • optimization