Update 1.2.20


The system of base saving is completely redesigned, which should fix the loss of objects, problems with open rooms and bases rewriting from other players. PLEASE NOTE that all objects will be removed from the base and moved to the warehouse.

The inventory has been remade. IMPORTANT! All inventory items will be lost.

Complete UI redesign.

Possibility to rename drones, guards, servers, turrets.

Possibility to install own weapon for each guard.

There is a possibility of a temporary ban for minor violations.

Balance and Economy settings fixed.

Fixed an info record per round in the alliance league.

Improved interface display on various devices.

Added your ID when loading the game.

Added account recovery from Google play account. It also became possible to play on different devices with one profile. IMPORTANT: you must be logged into the Google account.

Invalid league time display fixed.


“Base of drones” is added. You can charge drones and choose them in it.

6 drones added.

Each drone has its own features, and also you can use different modules with it.

The server has its own inventory for 6 cells.

Each security guard can be equipped with different weapons.

There is its own improvement for each individual object, each improvement requires its resources, for all items of same type, in order to learn the necessary resources, it is necessary to study the blueprint.

Ranks was added. You can increase your rank by exchanging 5 million info.

Base editor

A separate button for object rotation was removed, now everything is done in one mode.

A problem with weapon installation near teleport was fixed.

Displaying objects size when changing the position of another was added.

Added a limit on weapons and exploding barrels for each room.

There is also a limit for cameras for the entire base, but this limit can be increased by improving the camera control point.

The installation of the surveillance camera was remade.

The guards route choice was changed. Now they can walk along the route within the room.

The opportunity to sell objects is added.


Fast movement was removed.

The limit on robbery was removed. Now you can rob at once for all the amount that was in the lobby, but when passing from the first attempt. With each restart, your possible reward will decrease to a certain minimum.

Bodies dragging is deactivated temporarily.

When you select a drone in the attack, it will be automatically controlled by you. But you can choose between automatic and manual mode.

The inventory opening without necessity to go to the drawer was added.

The character can run now, and he makes much more noise while running.

The “Fog of War” appeared.

A level map appeared. To have marks on the map, you need to scan the area.

Security guards are falling by making a sound after the murder.


Now the creator of the alliance can leave its alliance only if there are no participants left in it.

Added the opportunity to set the player’s minimum level for joining the alliance.

In the profile of the alliance there is a record now of how much battles the alliance has won.

The number of items to put in the alliance bank is reduced to 10.

To take an item from an alliance bank, your level is taken into account. If you don’t have an item available in the black market, then it is not available in the alliance bank.


A bug with items missing when adding up was fixed.

After the termination of the VIP, the items that were in the cells available only with the VIP are returned to the inventory of the base.