Обновление 1.1.18


Anyone whose objects are outside the map, the laser stands sideways to the doors and prevents the way through, and objects that are in the teleport protection zone and prevent to start the level.
Those gamers will be banned forever from February 1, 2018.
We ask you to rearrange your bases.


Bugs fixed:
No reward for a new level.
Ability to move objects outside the boundaries of the map.
All missing protection objects will appear in the warehouse.
Rooms, that did not open, will open.
Impossibility to block the info.
Bug fixed in inventory when moving to a filled cell.
Moving things from level to the base for a gold.
Animation speed while attack.

Size for laser and barrels installation.
The amount of info for joining the alliance.

A system for detecting the possibility of hacking the base was added.